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Huntington County's Industrial Wind Turbine Setback vs. the Setbacks of 5 Neighboring Counties

Posted 3/21/2015 | HCCC Webmaster

After looking at the map below, if you find yourself saying, "One of these things is not like the other," you are not alone.  For the past year, HCCC and citizens throughout Huntington County have called, emailed and poured into public meetings to make exactly that point to both the Huntington Co. Plan Commission, and the 3 Commissioners.  Stacks of evidence and supporting documents have been provided to clearly demonstrate why the Huntington County wind ordinance is inadequate, and why stronger safeguards are needed for the protection of our citizens.

Huntington County's Industrial Wind Turbine Setback

Consider setbacks
If the wind ordinance as currently proposed is passed into law by our Commissioners(Larry Buzzard, Tom Wall and Rob Miller), Huntington County will have the weakest industrial wind turbine setback protection of any of the 5 surrounding counties!

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     Wind Turbine Danger               

The following letter was written by Jane Harper, Tipton County Indiana Commissioner from 2009-2012.  In addition to dedicating part of her life to public service, Jane is also a farmer.  She originally wrote this letter to warn the Howard County Indiana officials about the many pitfalls of wind energy development, but it's message is equally applicable to Huntington County as well.  It is being sent to you, in it's entirety, with her kind permission. 

This letter was also read directly to the members of the Huntington County Plan Commission on Wednesday, March 11, 2015, by HCCC Attorney Steven Snyder.  Huntington County Commissioners Larry Buzzard and Rob Miller were also in attendance, and heard this letter read into the official record.
Tipton County Indiana Commissioner voted for "wind farms", now lives with regrets

"If I had this to do over, I would NEVER enter into an agreement with any wind company now that I know what it has done to my home community."

Posted 3/15/2015 | HCCC Webmaster

Dear Howard County Commissioners and Council Members;

I am writing to you all as a former commissioner colleague who aided in the negotiations and agreements with E.ON Climate Renewables with Tipton County in 2011.  From the onset, I was open to windfarm development in a small section of Tipton County because the commissioners had received no opposition and I felt that the landowners wanted it.  My own family was offered an opportunity to lease land to E.ON and we declined because my husband did not care to farm around the towers, and I just didn't want to look at them.  I set my own personal views aside and made decisions based on what I felt the majority of the public wanted.  I was outspoken enough, however, to say that I would never support a plan to cover a large portion of the county with wind turbines.  As it turned out, the problem was that when the decisions were being made to build "Wildcat I", the commissioners were not hearing from the "majority".  People really did not know this was happening, or if they did, they did not perceive it to be as "invasive" as it was.  As you know, public notices are small and often overlooked in the newspaper, so not much resistance was present...............until the towers went up, and people
saw how enormous and intrusive they were. 

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    Photo of Stephen R. Snyder
         Attorney Stephen R Snyder
         Snyder Morgan LLP

        CLICK HERE to hear Mr. Snyder's presentation
        to the Huntington Co. Plan Commisison
HCCC teams with experienced attorney Stephen Snyder for wind fight

Posted 3/8/2015 | HCCC Webmaster


"I'm saying that when a population density is such that we can't establish a wind turbine and not maintain at the bare minimum a half-mile setback(2,640 ft.) from a residence, then it's not the place," says Attorney Stephen Snyder, Senior Law Partner at Snyder Morgan LLP.   With over 35 years of experience, Mr. Snyder can speak authoritatively on planning, zoning and land use law, ...including industrial wind turbine projects.  In fact, his recent involvement in the wind farm debate in Marshall County, IN led to increased setbacks from the homes of their citizens, and ultimately a complete ban on industrial wind turbines in that county. 

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Comparison of Plan Commission Recommendations

County PC
County PC
Wind Turbine
Noise Level
40 decibels(dB) 50 decibels(dB)
Wind Turbine Setback Increase from
1500 ft to 2000 ft
1000 ft

"Changes Ahead for Wind Ordinance"

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A Tale of Two Indiana
Plan Commissions
Howard County vs. Huntington County

Posted 1/27/2015 | HCCC Webmaster


For the past year HCCC has been working on behalf of Huntington County residents in an effort to protect their quality of life from the encroachment of industrial wind turbine developments.  Comprehensive research has been presented to the Huntington Co. Plan Commission which clearly demonstrates the necessity of much stronger wind ordinance protections for our citizens.  Unfortunately the Huntington PC has discounted or ignored the majority of this evidence, and instead forwarded recommendations to the Huntington Co. Commissioners that we believe do not provide adequate safeguards for our residents.

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 Huntington County Plan Commission Meeting
The Gar Room at the Huntington County Courthouse was a sea of red!!!.  Attendees wore red to show their support for a strongly modified wind ordinance.

If you were unable to attend the meeting, you can listen to the Plan Commission proceedings in their entirety by clicking here or on the play button below.  The meeting is called to order at the 8:20 mark.

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Huntington County Plan Commission Meeting:
A Room of
Red Shirts!

Posted 11/19/2014 | HCCC Webmaster

The Huntington County Plan Commission met with a full house of red shirt participants on Wednesday, November 12, 2014.  People quickly filled the available seating to listen and voice their opinions on revising the current Huntington County Wind Ordinance.  Speakers were given 3 minutes to voice their concerns to the Plan Commission members.  When all was said and done, the meeting lasted just over 4 hours.  The overwhelming number of attendees favored a strongly revised wind ordinance with much larger setbacks and quality of life protections.  In fact, only 1 speaker spoke in favor of wind farm development, that being a wind company representative.  Many participants favored an outright ban on industrial wind farms in Huntington County, and they voiced this opinion to the Plan Commission.

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     Professor Jim O'Donnell

    Jim O’Donnell
     Professor Emeritus of Business and Economics
     Huntington University
The Economics of Wind Energy
By Jim O’Donnell

Posted 11/13/2014 | HCCC Webmaster

"Greetings and thanks."

"I’m speaking tonight as an adopted son of Huntington Co. But as that adopted son, I have struggled to understand why my chosen homeland would develop wind energy in the southeast part of the county. I guess it’s for the tax revenue, the few jobs that will come with it, and the lease payments to the several farmers who will permit turbines on their land. But as an investor and economist, I feel a little like the auto mechanic who’s being shown a car that a good customer wants to buy. Mechanically and economically, the purchase makes no sense to me, the mechanic, at all, but the buyer insists that he’ll get so many credits for buying the car that even if it never starts, he’ll make a bundle."

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  Changes could be made to Huntington County’s wind ordinance

HUNTINGTON Co., Ind (WANE) – The Huntington County Plan Commission has heard from concerned citizens regarding the current wind ordinance for wind farms. Plan commission members will now investigate those concerns.

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    Wind Ordinance Debate: The 1,000-foot Set-Back Standard
(Are environmentalists underregulating themselves?)

Editor Note: Environmentalists like regulation except when it comes to ‘green’ energy. This post asks: what is the growing acceptance of  the thousand-foot voluntary ordinance based on?

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  Huntington County Plan Commission Meeting Huntington County homeowners demand change to wind energy ordinance

HUNTINGTON CO., Ind. (WANE) – Homeowners in Huntington County attended a public meeting hosted by the Huntington County Plan Commission Wednesday night to discuss the changes they want to the current wind energy ordinance.

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  Wind Rush Wind Rush
Directed by Andrew Gregg
Produced by Gordon Henderson,
90th Parallel Productions

"Wind Rush" includes interviews with doctors and professors from Europe and the United States illustrating the multitude of health problems caused by wind farms.  It highlights the consistent nature of these issues across the globe.

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                    Commissioner Leon Hurlburt Commissioner Leon Hurlburt Supports a Revised Wind Ordinance
Source:  The Huntington County Tab

"Another developing issue is the Plum Tree Wind Farm. I am here to represent the people and I hear their concerns on this issue. We need to look into modifying/revising our wind ordinance to be fair for both participating and non-participating landowners.  I am not in favor of moving forward with wind farms with the current ordinance."

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     Industrial Wind Turbine vs Inner Ear  Wind Farms and Health
Alun Evans | Principia Scientific International

According to the World Health Organization’s recent report, ‘Night Noise Guidelines for Europe’ [1], environmental noise is emerging as one of the major public health concerns of the twenty-first century. It observes that, “Many people have to adapt their lives to cope with the noise at night,” and the young and the old are particularly vulnerable.

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     Home surrounded by Industrial Wind Turbines "Where will the Industrial Wind Turbines be? .....Will they be next to my home?"

With the potential for large scale industrial wind farms in Huntington County looming on the horizon, these are some of the most common questions we are receiving.  Given the many negative impacts on those living in close proximity to industrial wind turbines, it is understandable that people are concerned.

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  Too Close - Stories From Those Who Live In The Shadows of Industrial Wind Turbines How Close Is Too Close to an Industrial Wind Turbine???
Louise Barteau | vimeopro.com

"TOO Close, Stories from Those Who Live in the Shadows" introduces you to families who are sentenced to living life with the noise, shadow flicker and the adverse health effects of an Industrial Wind Farm project.

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             Energy Subsidies Chart Wind Industry Produces Little Energy, Lots Of Hot Air

Failed Policy: The federal government has spent some $100 billion in taxpayer subsidies on green energy since 2006. Now we are seeing the flimsy and declining returns on that investment.

The wind industry saw its growth tumble by 92% last year, according to a new report from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), and that's off of a very low base to begin with.

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    Industrial Wind Farm Subsidies  Wind Farms Come With Big Cost
Credit: Dawn Davis, Contributing Columnist | April 17, 2014 | www.limaohio.com 

Don’t believe claims that wind energy does not cost Ohio a penny. Although the fuel is free, this industry has an addiction to subsidies. Subsidies do cost someone.

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 A Farmer Speaks Out Against Wind Industry A Farmer Speaks Out Against Wind Industry  "...this is pathetic that America is going through this."

Listen to Doug Fries, a lifelong farmer, talk about his decision NOT to host Industrial Wind Turbines on his property.  Doug was originally in favor of a wind farm.......

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 HCC No Wind Tubines Realities of Wind Energy

Do you notice the Industreal Wind Turbine at 1400ft? Of course you do. Once an industrial wind farm is installed ....it's impossible not to notice.  It dominates the landscape for many miles in all directions.  IWTs not only change the visual environment, but they can also negatively impact your quality of life.

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   Huntington County is NOT Disposable

Your home and quality of life are no less important than any other area of the country. 

Please help us protect them.

   Something To Be Proud Of

You did it again Huntington County!  What an amazing turnout we had for our March 8 showing of "Windfall".  If nothing else comes out of this fight for our quality of life, you can know that you are living around some of the finest people anywhere in America.  People who love where they live ....and are willing to stand up and speak out to protect it.

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 Industrial Wind Farm Wind Farms and People Don't Mix

- People abandoning their homes?
- Dizziness?  Chest pains?  Inability to sleep?
- Chickens laying yoke-less eggs

Read More >>>

Thank You! We'd like to say ....

"Thank You!" ...to everyone who showed up for our 3/1 showing of "Windfall"!  It was a true pleasure meeting such a great group of people.  It is only with your involvement and participation that we will succeed in preserving our quality of life in Huntington County.  We really appreciate your efforts!

        http://www.huntingtonccc.org/imgD.jpg Join us Huntington County! 

Saturday March 1 & Saturday March 8

Show up ......Sign our petition .......get more info .....and meet other people just like you who are concerned about protecting our quality of life.

This is YOUR Home Huntington County.  
Fight for it.

If you were unable to attend either of these events, you can now watch the "Windfall" documentary in it's entirety ...for Free ...by clicking here.

   Wind Turbine Property Values Don't worry ....you'll get used to it.

On the bright side, Huntington County Citizens can feel good about doing their part to solve the east coast's energy crisis.

Or ....you could contact your Huntington County Commissioners today.  Ask them to re-write the current ordinance to protect you and your family from Industrial Wind Turbines.

        Industrial Wind Turbine over a home Like a good neighbor ???

You have the wind company's assurance that Industrial Wind Turbines will not affect your property value, nor will it have any negative impact on your quality of life. 

The real question is .......who will be living here when they're gone?

Life Under A Windplant  Life Under a Wind Plant 

Listen to the residents of Meyersdale, Pennsylvania describe living with industrial wind turbines.  Not only did they experience sleep related health issues, but their property values declined greatly as well.  In some instances, people were forced to abandon their homes at a great financial loss. 

Can you guess who the buyers were???

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Wind turbine catches fire in Benton County, Indiana How about a little fire scarecrow?

An Industrial Wind Turbine catches fire in Benton County, Indiana on Friday February 21, 2014. 

Imagine a 500 ft towering inferno in the middle of a Huntington County Cornfield around harvest time.

Click to watch video >>>

Living with an Industrial Wind Turbine 1000 ft from your house Will a 1000 ft setback protect you from Industrial Wind Turbines?

Watch the video and you decide.  This is from a homeowner in Byron, Wisconsin and it shows what his family's life is now like with an industrial wind turbing just 1000 ft from their home.

Read More >>>


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