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HCCC teams with experienced attorney
Stephen Snyder for wind fight
Attorney Stephen Snyder
March 8, 2015 | HCCC Webmaster

"I'm saying that when a population density is such that we can't establish a wind turbine and not maintain at the bare minimum a half-mile setback(2,640 ft.) from a residence, then it's not the place," says Attorney Stephen Snyder, Senior Law Partner at Snyder Morgan LLP.   With over 35 years of experience, Mr. Snyder can speak authoritatively on planning, zoning and land use law, ...including industrial wind turbine projects.  In fact, his recent involvement in the wind farm debate in Marshall County, IN led to increased setbacks from the homes of their citizens, and ultimately a complete ban on industrial wind turbines in that county. 

Earlier this year, HCCC submitted our own wind ordinance amendment proposal which included a request to increase industrial wind turbine setbacks in Huntington County to 3/4 mile(3960 ft).  However, the Huntington Plan Commission returned a recommendation for only 1000 ft and the issue is still being debated.  Contrast this recommendation with nearby Tipton, Wabash and Whitley counties who ALL have increased their IWT setbacks to 1/2 mile(2640 ft).  The Howard County Plan commission also recently recommended an increase from 1500 ft to 2000 ft.  More is being learned everyday about the negative effects of industrial wind turbines, and it's clear that the safe and sensible move is toward increased setbacks from the homes where people live and sleep. That's why we've asked Mr. Snyder to represent HCCC, to ensure that our own residents are protected too.

"Everybody knows that it's a young industry and we're just now beginning to recognize what the health effects are, " Snyder said when making points to the Marshall County Commissioners.  "The information that's available now compared to two years ago is significant.  The effects of the low frequency sounds, whether it's 1,000 feet away or a half a mile away or sometimes even a mile away is much more significant than anyone thought because we don't hear it, the brain feels it the brain reacts to it and usually it results in sleeplessness and can aggravate existing conditions." 

We are excited to be working with Mr. Snyder, and look forward to the wealth of experience he will bring to this debate.


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