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Life Under A Wind Plant

Listen to the residents of Meyersdale, Pennsylvania describe their experience of living with industrial wind power.  Not only did they experience sleep related health issues, but their property values delined greatly.  In some instances, people were forced to abnadon their homes at a great financial loss.

Can you guess who the buyers were???

Life Under A Windplant

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Also consider that most of the Industrial Wind Turbines in this video are set back at a distance of 2500 feet or greater.  The current Huntington County ordianance will allow IWTs to be installed just 1000 ft from your home.

Contact your Huntington County Commissioners today.  Ask them to re-write the current ordinance to protect you and your family from Industrial Wind Turbines.

   Larry Buzzard (260) 358-4822      Leon Hurlburt (260) 358-4822        Tom Wall   (260) 358-4822


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