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Something To Be Proud Of

You did it again Huntington County!  What an amazing turnout we had for our March 8 showing of "Windfall".  If nothing else comes out of this fight for our quality of life, you can know that you are living around some of the finest people anywhere in America.  People who love where they live ....and are willing to stand up and speak out to protect it.

If you couldn't make it to our showing, here are a few things you missed:

Our room at the Knight Bergman center was filled to capacity and then some.
 Seats filled up very quickly.  Many people had to remain standing throughout the entire showing and Q&A.

Channel 15 News(Wane TV) was onsite for interviews and event coverage.
Coverage of our meeting was broadcast on the 6 o'clock news.
        - Also
see "Wind farm battle blows into Huntington"

One of our Huntington County Commissioners, Tom Wall, was in attendance.
  He answered questions and encouraged everyone to attend the March 12 Plan Commission meeting.

By far the most impressive thing was the people who attended.
 Many stood up and gave personal testimony about living around Industrial Wind Turbines in other places.  One courageous lady spoke about her experience living with IWT's in Tipton County, Indiana, and gave an impassioned plea for us to do everything we can to stop them from moving into Huntington Co.  She also stated that the documentary "Windfall" was a very accurate representation of life around wind farms.  Another gentleman who spoke actually had relatives who lived in the area where "Windfall" was recorded.  He also confirmed the films accuracy and was against any wind farm development.  Other citizens spoke as well, and everyone who did recommended keeping IWTs out of Huntington County completely.

One gentleman requested a showing of hands
for those in favor of completely banning Industrial Wind Turbines in Huntington County.  When the hands went up, it was easily 90% in favor of a complete ban on Industrial Wind Turbines in Huntington County.

We received several donations from concerned citizens.
 100% of all donations will be used to support our legal fund and the ongoing efforts of HCCC.        
*************  THANK YOU!!!  *************

We filled several sheets of petitions asking for a re-write of the current ordinance. 
 If you haven't done so already, PLEASE sign our petition asking for a re-write of the current ordinance(2009-17) which regulates IWTs within Huntington County.  If needed, we can send someone out to collect your signature.  If you have a signed petition and would like to return it by mail, send it to: 

                                         Huntington County Concerned Citizens
                                         PO Box 92
                                         Huntington, IN  46750

Finally, we need your support at the 3/12 Plan Commission meeting.  Please Show up, Wear Red(to show your support for stopping wind farm development) and if you can, Stand Up and let your voice be heard.  If you do not want to speak, that is ok too.  But please show up and encourage those you know who are concerned about this issue to do the same.   

:  The 3/12 Plan Commission Meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather.  We will send out a notification when a new date is announced.  Please Join the HCCC Email List to be notified of important dates and events.

Thanks again to everyone who is participating and supporting our effort.  We cannot be successful without your help.  Always remember: 

                      These are OUR homes, and OUR friends and neighbor's homes.

                                     WE LIVE HERE


 Take Action Now!

    1.  Contact Your Commissioners
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           Tom Wall         Email   (260) 358-4822

2.  Please Make A Donation
          Donations can also be mailed to the  
          following address:
          Huntington County Concerned Citizens
          PO Box 92
          Huntington, IN  46750

          Learn more about donating ....>>>

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