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       Downwind Documentary
Down Wind

The explosive documentary that examines Ontario's controversial rush into wind farm development. Produced by Surge Media, Down Wind exposes how this Canadian provinces' green energy dream turned into a nightmare for rural residents forced to live among the towering 50 storey turbines. We hear searing, personal stories of people experiencing mysterious health problems, insomnia, depression, even thoughts of suicide; their lives turned upside down by the constant noise and vibrations given off by the massive wind turbines. The documentary also reveals the staggering economic costs of these wind farms to taxpayers with huge subsidies going to big wind corporations. And how inside connections have made some government cronies wealthy, while rural communities suffer. The film aired on Canada's Sun News Network.

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                   Windfall (2010) Windfall
Director | Laura Israel

Wind power... It's green... It's good... Or is it? Windfall exposes the dark side of wind energy development when the residents of a rural upstate New York town consider going green.

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  Wind Rush Wind Rush
Directed by Andrew Gregg
Produced by Gordon Henderson,
90th Parallel Productions

"Wind Rush" includes interviews with doctors and professors from Europe and the United States illustrating the multitude of health problems caused by wind farms.  It highlights the consistent nature of these issues across the globe.

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  Too Close - Stories From Those Who Live In The Shadows of Industrial Wind Turbines How Close Is Too Close to an Industrial Wind Turbine???
Louise Barteau | vimeopro.com

"TOO Close, Stories from Those Who Live in the Shadows" introduces you to families who are sentenced to living life with the noise, shadow flicker and the adverse health effects of an Industrial Wind Farm project.

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      Realities of Wind Energy
Realities of Wind Energy  

Dave and Stephanie Hulthen give their firsthand description of what it's like to live in the middle of an industrial wind installation, and how they and their children cope living near thirteen 40-story turbines.

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Life Under A Windplant Life Under A Wind Plant  

Listen to the residents of Meyersdale, Pennsylvania describe their experience of living with industrial wind power.  Not only did they experience sleep related health issues, but their property values delined greatly.  In some instances, people were forced to abnadon their homes at a great financial loss.

Also consider that most of the Industrial Wind Turbines in this video are set back at a distance of 2500 feet or greater.  The current Huntington County ordianance will allow IWTs to be installed just 1000 ft from your home.

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  Industrial Wind Farm Wind Farms and People Don't Mix  

- People abandoning their homes?
- Dizziness?  Chest pains?  Inability to sleep?
- Chickens laying yoke-less eggs

No, this isn't a post apocalyptic movie.  Unfortunately it's the real life story of residents from South Australia after the installation of an Industrial Wind Farm nearby their homes. 

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